Introducing, the CT After School Network’s Challenge Tuesdays, in a belief that one of the most important things we can give to ourselves and the children in our lives is the gift of  ‘a little something to look forward to’. 

It doesn’t need to be big or expensive or complicated, just a little something.  And in support of that effort we are introducing Challenge Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday until the end of the June we will post a Challenge for you to share with the children in your program.  It will require little to no supplies, will not be judged or graded, and will give us an opportunity to share their talents and hand out a few prizes.  We will share the challenges on Facebook, Instagram, on our website, and in email blasts.  

Week 9 (7/5/2020) – Create Your Own United States Postal Stamp

What would you put on your own postage stamp. Imagine being an artist who has been given a project of creating a stamp for everyone to use. What would you put on it? You can use the template here to draw your inspirations.

Week 8 (6/30/2020) – Create Your Own Comic Strip

Have you heard of Calvin and Hobbs, The Far Side, Peanuts? These are some of the oldest and best comic strips ever!!! Follow our easy steps and make your own fabulous comic strip. Who knows, you may be featured in the future! Check out the PDF instructions here. See below for easy-to-use templates 1 and 2.

Week 7 (6/23/2020) – Summer Vision Board

Imagine the many and varied things you could do this summer. We may not get to do everything but imagine the possibilities. Draw or make a collage of your ideas using a vision board.  Use the template provided here or make one that is special for you.

Week 6 (6/15/2020) – We’re Proud of You Challenge

The Connecticut After School Network is So Proud of You! This has been a very different Spring season and you have done some amazing things.  We challenge you to write down or draw “What you learned”, ” How you helped”, and “What you finished”…then give yourself a round of applause. Click here for PDF file.

Week 5 (6/8/20) – Bird Watch Challenge

Take a moment to look at the birds in your neighborhood.  How many different types of birds can you find?  Record them and identify them, you may need more than one bird watch form.  Identify your birds using the bird charts CT’s Backyard Birds/Sibley’s Backyard Birds or Merlin at  

Week 4 (6/2/20) – Movement Challenge

This week’s challenge is a Movement Challenge.  Do you need a quick break from your learning, your worries, your boredom?  Or just a chance to move your body?  Roll a die and do one of the challenges next to that number.  Don’t have dice?  You can use 6 playing cards or you could write the numbers 1-6 on scraps of paper and pick a paper.  Have fun and keep moving! Click here for the Movement Challenge form.

Week 3 (5/26/20) – Silly After School Add-a-Word

A short week silly add-a-word! Ask a friend to call out words that fit the blank spaces, don’t let them see the story until all spaces are filled. Click here for PDF.

Week 2 (5/18/2020) – Recycling

Take ordinary recycling and turn into something amazing.  What would you invent?  Send a photo of your invention to and we will post it on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Week 1 (5/12/2020) – The Reading Log

The first challenge is a longer challenge but it comes with the opportunity to win a prize.  We are providing the CT After School Network Reading Log.  We want to celebrate all the amazing reading that is going on out there.  Children can fill out one or more reading log.  They do not have to fill in every line, the quantity is not important.  Any type of reading material is accepted: novels, graphic novels, picture books, online reading pieces, comic books, …   Reading logs should be emailed to by June 15th to be entered into the drawing for a gift card.

Click here for the Reading Log.