Moving Toward Mastery – An intensive cohort experience for the afterschool professional

What is CLASP – Moving Toward Mastery about? – For the past four years, the Connecticut After School Network has offered CLASP program to over 75 leaders of after school and summer programs statewide.  Starting in January 2019, we will be hosting an intensive, two-year cohort that is focused on developing skills to help improve program quality and help leaders better assess and solve issues that occur within afterschool programs. Over the course of the CLASP program, participants will work with state and national experts and be paired with coaches that will help to identify and dig deeper into common problems programs face. It is our hope that through this process, those involved in the CLASP program will be able to make larger contributions to the field including papers and presentations as well as develop peer relationships that will offer support for years to come.

What do I need to do to be part of the cohort? – Those interested are required to fill out this simple application in which you will describe your program, reason for being interested in being a part of the cohort, what you hope to explore in your own program or practice, and what you hope to get out of it. Applications are due no later than November 16th.  Participants will be chosen by a national advisory committee and will be notified in early November.

What is my time commitment? – The cohort will meet monthly 8 times per year starting in January 2019 and will run through January 2021. Participants must be able to commit to this intensive program and have the signature of their superior as part of the application demonstrating this commitment

  • Participate in meetings consistently. (8 meetings, scheduled from 9 am ‐ 3 pm, per year for 2 years)
  • Complete required readings prior to Cohort meetings
  • Spend time reflecting and writing between meeting times
  • Produce a final project which may include a manuscript for journal publication, conference presentation, blog, or recorded webinar

What do I get for being a part of the cohort? – Participants will be provided course materials, refreshments, and lunch, and an honorarium of $750 for the first year. As part of the cohort, you will connect with state and national experts on a wide range of topics related to afterschool and summer programming relevant to common problems of practice. Additionally, your participation in CLASP connects you with past cohorts of afterschool professionals that have been part of the program that started in 2014.


“I attended Clasp for the first time this year and I cannot tell you how glad I am for the experience! The class was informative, and I had a chance to experience working with fellow after-school educators who understand the groundwork and programmatic challenges of the work. Dr. Ken Athonthy’s energy, commitment, vision, and information made the workshops incredible!” ~Tiana Brown

“CLASP is a unique experience and one I have never had with a grantor before. In addition to funding support, clasp allows for program directors to discuss what’s working, what’s not and share ideas with one another while receiving research-based solutions. This helps to enhance the afterschool experience for staff, students and families as a whole.” ~Wendy Gerbier