Healthy Relationships take time and effort to mature.  It is important to teach youth the key elements of creating positive relationships with friends, family members and people they may encounter throughout their life. Respect, Trust, Honesty and Communication are required when developing good relationships.

What makes a healthy relationship?

Group discussion: As a group talk with your students. Ask them if the following attitudes and behaviors are present in your current friendships.

● Communication is open and spontaneous
● Play, humor, and having fun together is common
● Conflict is faced directly and resolved
● Other meaningful relationships are interests exist
● Individuality, free and personal identity is celebrated
● Negotiations are fair and democratic

Discussion questions?

If you feel like your friend is not treating you with respect, what are the best way to communicate how you feel?

When should you break away from an unhealthy relationship?


Healthy RelationshipsUnhealthy Relationships
The person makes you feel good around them.You feel sad, angry, and scared or worried.
The both of you respect one another and don’t try to control one another.You feel you give more attention than they give you to you. You feel controlled.
You feel safe to communicate to share trusted information with this person. You do not communicate, share or trust them with your personal secrets.
You feel heard and understood.You feel voiceless and pressured.
You like to spend time with together but also enjoy doing things apart.You feel pressured to spend time together and feel guilty when apart.
It’s easy to be yourself when you’re with them.You feel the need to be someone you’re not.
You respect each other’s opinion. You listen and try to understand their point of view even if you don’t agree You feel there’s no respect for you or your opinion.
There is no fear You feel fear.



Tiana Brown is the Assistant Director of the Norwalk Housing Authority Learning Centers