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SEL for the Provider

Hello! My name is Mary and I am a part-time Professional Development Specialist with the Network. It’s day five of working from home and I have to say I’m going a little stir crazy. Even though there’s plenty to do, there’s something about suggesting social distance and discouraging in-person human interaction that has me going a little batty! It’s against most of my inclination as someone who supports SEL to minimize my social interactions with others.

Just last week I was spending three days a week with students as a school counseling intern and now I am attempting to conduct all my work and extracurriculars from home. What a change a week makes. I think most of us are just getting used to this routine- to what I hope is not a longstanding new “normal”. But if you’re a frontline provider out there and anything like me you could use some time to focus on other areas of social emotional learning and growth, and here are some resources to do just that!

I think there’s still a long road ahead but let’s remember to stay kind out there – and share your toilet paper and hand sanitizer if you have extra.

National Alliance on Mental Illness– Get some common questions answered pertaining to you and your social-emotional health from “Please help- I’m feeling anxious and stressed?” to “What can I do when I am lonely from working from home?”

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration– This four page document explores how to cope with stress during an infectious disease outbreak

Additional Resources:

CDC– Tips on how to manage anxiety and stress 
CASEL– Check out this special section of the Collaborative for Academic Social, Emotional, and Learning website.