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No Kid Hungry Grant Opportunity

This fall, the No Kid Hungry Campaign is offering a community based organization nutrition grant opportunity and Connecticut is one of their target states.

This grant will enable local community based afterschool program providers (including 21st Century Community Learning Center programs) to maximize the child nutrition programs (like CACFP At Risk Afterschool Meals and other emergency food programs). This will help ensure children and families have access to healthy meals during afterschool programs, at community learning hubs, and at home. Connecticut is one of their target states.

The funds are intended to help programs who are using the USDA child nutrition programs (Summer Meal waiver or CACFP At Risk Afterschool Meals) to cover costs associated with implementing those programs including staff costs, equipment/transportation costs, outreach costs, etc. Each grant will be between $15,000 – $100,000 and the grants should be applied for in October.

To learn more and to apply:

  • Log into or create an account for the No Kid Hungry Grants Portal at
  • To create a new account, click “New User”.
  • To begin your application after you have logged into the No Kid Hungry Grants Portal, click “Start a New Application” on your Grantee Dashboard located on the top left corner of your home page, below the No Kid Hungry logo.
  • Input the following access code to gain access to the application: CommunityNutrition2021. Click “Start Application” to begin.
  • Be sure to input all required answers and save frequently as you are inputting information.
  • Complete the application when all information is entered by clicking on “Review Your Answers” and then “Submit Your Answer.”
  • For all program-related or Grants Portal-related questions, please reach out to the No Kid Hungry
  • Grants Help Desk:  

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