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Girl Scouts of Connecticut is part of the national organization Girl Scouts of America. As one of the best known out of school time providers, active in Connecticut, and a long history building programs to support leadership, teamwork, and learning for girls, many of us are familiar with their programming.  We know them,  if not by first hand experience, definitely by name and perhaps by cookie!  They offer a number of activities, explorations and opportunities to learn about the world and themselves through various activities with volunteer support. 

But you may not know that the Girl Scouts include STEM among one of the 4 pillars of the Girl Scout Leadership experience. The Girl Scouts support and provide outdoor and STEM programming and exploration opportunities through a variety of experiences badge opportunities for all levels of girl participation from Daisy to Ambassador.   Girls are also connected with a variety of organizations that work in STEM fields through partnerships the Girls Scouts of CT have made with a variety of STEM organizations and businesses across the state.  These range from Sikorsky Aircraft to the Norwalk Aquarium and a number of others between and beyond.  These partnerships help provide various opportunities to make real world connections including tours, workshops, events and mentorship support for budding young female STEM enthusiasts and future professionals.

Currently, due to COVID resticitions, while there are still some in person learning opportunities provided by the GSof CT, there are also opportunities to learn virtually.  In fact, the day I spoke with Ellyn Savard, Senior Manager of STEM Experience, she described both a fantastic in-person, shoreline exploration opportunity including hands-on activities and a boat ride for an in person group, and an online Halloween-themed glowing wand making online workshop happening that day! And even more exciting, the online workshops are available to any interested girls, scout or not right now. So if you are, or know a young lady interested in engineering, computer coding or biology or any STEM topic in between or beyond, GSofCT may have some opportunities for you. To learn more about Girl Scouts of Connecticut, please visit their website:

You can check out their event calendar to explore their upcoming activities and events for both girls and adult scout leaders.  Learn more about getting involved or bringing a troop to your program site here.

Special thanks to Alyssa Yacone, Director of Marketing & Communications and Ellyn Savard, Senior Manager of STEM Experience, for speaking with me about Girl Scouts of Connecticut