You are currently viewing Election Day 2014 – Vote for Kids Today!

Election Day 2014 – Vote for Kids Today!

Election Day in the US is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, which means that it can fall on or between November 2 and November 8 (but not on November 1).  If you are 18 years old before election day, you are old enough to vote in today’s elections. But more than 800,000 people younger than 18 in Connecticut are too young to vote. They are counting on you to make wise decisions at the ballot box and elect people that will also represent their interests.

That’s why I took the “We Vote For Kids” Pledge at that states:
– I will find out where the candidates stand on issues relating to young children.
– I will help educate others about the importance of investing in young children.
– I will encourage voting.
– I will vote on Election Day!

Need to know the details about where and when to vote? Want to find out if you’re registered? Get the details at the Secretary of the State’s website.  Together we can make kids a top issue in Connecticut!  Special thanks to our friends at the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance for leading the charge.

Please forward this message as widely as you can — it’s easy to get busy or forget it’s election day and a few reminders can’t hurt.

Vote for Kids Today!

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