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Gov. Malloy Proposes Two-Year State Budget for Connecticut

In his proposed budget for the next two fiscal years, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy included a number of changes that would impact state funding for after school and summer programs. For those of you who love detail, the the entire budget proposal is on-line here. For the rest of you, here’s a quick summary:


  • After School Grant Program $5,063,286 (SDE)


  • Priority School District Grants: Extended School Hours and Summer School Grants (cut $6,494,451)  (SDE)
  • Pilot funding for Summer Learning Grants (cut $300,000) (SDE)
  • All funding for the following programs (total cut of $6,202,175 (SDE):
    • Leadership, Education, Athletics in Partnership (LEAP);
    • Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program;
    • Connecticut Writing Project;
    • Neighborhood Youth Centers;
    • Parent Trust;
    • Science Program for Educational Reform Districts;
    • Wrap Around Services;
    • Parent Universities;
    • School Health Coordinator Pilot;
    • Technical Assistance – Regional Cooperation;
    • Bridges to Success;
    • Alternative High School and Adult Reading; and
    • School to Work Opportunities
  • Eliminate School Age Funding in Child Care Services Program (TANF/CCDBG) (cut $808,056) (OEC)
  • All funding for the following programs (total cut $1,238,912) (OEC)
    • Help Me Grow
    • Family School Connection, and
    • Family Empowerment Programs in Children’s Trust
      Fund (PLTI, Parent SEE)
  • All funding for the following programs (total cut $869,250) (OEC)
    • Early Childhood Advisory Cabinet
    • Community Plans for Early Childhood, and
    • Improving Early Literacy.


  • Interdistrict Cooperation Grants (cut $4,576,591 by eliminating all non-Sheff grants) (SDE)
  • Youth Service Bureaus and Eliminate Youth Service Bureau Enhancements (cut $1,309,568) (SDE)
    and moves the program to the Department of Children and Families


  • Care4Kids – Contractual raises, 3% raise for family daycare providers, increase for Family Friend and Neighbor providers based on the increase of the minimum wage
  • School Readiness, $3.4 million increase


The action now moves to the legislature, in particular the Appropriations Committee. Want to get involved and let them know what you think? Come to After School Day at the Capitol March 3rd! Or follow our advocacy blog posts for the latest in breaking news on after school and summer programs.

Questions? Did we miss anything? Contact Michelle at or call 860-730-2941.

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