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Dr. Ken Anthony on Making Partnerships Work in Education

The CT After School Network is so proud of our own Ken Anthony, who recently completed his Doctorate in Education at the University of Hartford.  His innovative research explores school-afterschool partnerships and identified ways to increase collaboration that help support children’s learning experiences, and it’s already turning heads!

In fact, Ken was recently featured in AERA (American Educational Research Association), putting him in truly illustrious company.  Check it out! Ken says, “we owe our students innovative educational experiences not bound by walls of the school, but the limit of our creativity.”

Need new ideas for partnerships, service learning, or other approaches to linking education to life?  Bring Ken or another of the Network’s expert trainers out to your program to work with your staff!  Check out our new Professional Development Catalog!

How do you bring creativity to educating the kids you work with?  Let us know!

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