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Soooo, was after school STEM money in the Federal budget?

We’re all interested in extra money coming to afterschool programs.  A nice report came from the website, Afterschool Snacks.  It breaks down the President’s final budget request on STEM education and where it fits into after school.  You can read the full document here but I’m going to give you a further breakdown because I know you all are busy.  So here is the lowdown starting with what you really want to know.

10. No, AS did not magically get STEM money.
Seems our opportunities come sideways.

The general request across all STEM agencies was $3 billion.

The National Science Foundation – $952.86 million
Sideways – Advancing Informal STEM Education (AISL) receives $62.5M.  This organization funds after school STEM programming aiming to help students from groups that are usually not represented well in STEM.

Hmmm – NSF is committing $120 million over five years to a new initiative called Computer Science for All.  It’s unclear if any of this funding can be used for after school.  ALTHOUGH….The 21st CCLC program will work with NSF to increase awareness of high-quality computer science resources for after school programs. AND the Corporation for National Service (CNCS) will also continue to support STEM education through its work in placing AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers with various after school STEM education groups and will expand its efforts in FY2017 around the Computer Science for All initiative.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) $4 million
Environmental education grants, which have been accessed by after school programs in the past.

Of particular note -One funding stream that had been cancelled a few years ago called the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) through NIH received $17 million.  One of the STEM Impact award winners (2013) was started and supported with funding from this grant.

There you have it…short and sweet.  The rest of the funded groups are iffy with STEM money being spent mainly on k-12.

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