STEM Resources

The CT After School Network is proud to be a part of the Million Girls Moonshot initiative, working to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators by engaging one million more girls in STEM learning opportunities through afterschool and summer programs.

​The Million Girls Moonshot will not only allow girls to envision themselves as future innovators, but it will increase the quality of out-of-school STEM learning opportunities for all young people, particularly underserved and underrepresented youth.


About the Million Girls Moonshot

The Moonshot is designed to spur girls’ interest, understanding, and confidence in STEM and equip them to become problem solvers with an engineering mindset. Led nationally by the STEM Next Opportunity Fund and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation in partnership with the Intel Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Million Girls Moonshot:

  • Leverages afterschool networks in all 50 states to help school-age girls access high-quality STEM education, support, and mentors.
  • Uses an equity and inclusion framework that is youth-centric and culturally responsive to increase gender, and racial and socio-economic diversity in STEM.
  • Provides resources, support, mentorship, and expert guidance to help educators deliver hands-on STEM experiences in afterschool, out-of-school time, and summer learning programs.

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MGM Engineering Mindset

Other Resources

Equity and Inclusion

  • We Rep STEM – STEM Profile – Joy James – We’ve said it time and again: Representation matters. That’s especially true for children, whose perceptions of the world are based, in part, on the things they see. When Joy James set out to write her book, 101 Brilliant Black Inventors and their Inventions, she wanted to create something that would inspire her young children. The end result – an in-depth celebration of the achievements of Black innovators.

Engineering Mindset

Incorporating Role Models

Family Engagement


MGM Projects & Activities

  • After-School Science PLUS – Download Building with Wonderful Junk and take the challenge!  Build a bridge or a platform that meets a set of requirements and test it. Challenge the kids to add to the activity (For example build a bridge that will hold a student up 6 inches from the floor). 

  • Design Squad: Invent it, Build It: Making the world a better place – Research tells us that when kids think their activity helps others it increases engagement.  Activities encourage kids to think of themselves as inventors, discuss inventing and engineering, and dispels the stereotype that engineering is boring. 

  • 4 Great Outdoor Activities to Do With Kids This Summer – These easy activities are designed to be suitable in a COVID conscious environment.  Young children play outdoor games, plant a garden, make ice cream, and participate in a scavenger hunt. 

  • Engineering Ocean Currents – This is a fun and interactive activity that is designed to enhance student understanding of the engineering design process.  

  • Engineering a Fix for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – This activity encourages youth to use engineering to take care of the planet. 


  • PEAR is offering DoS trainings and two years of ongoing technical assistance, quarterly data reports, and online data management support for all DoS observers for two years post-certification. Learn more about this opportunity here: 

  • Interested in learning about DoS-PPT, a free resource for facilitators of out-of-school and in-school STEM learning programs? Learn more about free trainings in August from PEAR: 

  • If you’re an educator new to STEM, don’t miss the ACRES “Ready, Set, STEM! & Asking Purposeful Questions” cohort this spring → 

  • Role Models Matters, Training for STEM Volunteers – Ready to train volunteers and role models in your Network, school, or afterschool program? COMPLETE THIS REGISTRATION FORM to gain access to the Role Models Matter training developed by Techbridge Girls

  • Recordings

    • The M in STEM: Math in Everyday Life – Learn how to recognize and embrace authentic math moments in everyday life, including afterschool spaces.

    • Families & STEAM: Strengthening Relationships & Building Partnerships – Family engagement in STEAM can come in many forms.  STEAM nights, science fairs, family newsletters, etc. But how can you move into a deeper partnership with families in the service of STEAM learning? In this webinar, we’ll hear from practitioners and researchers who are working to deepen engagement with youth and their families to intentionally support equity in and access to STEAM opportunities. You will hear about strategies, examples, and current research, and will have the opportunity to ask questions.