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Simply STEM (December)

Welcome to this month’s Simply STEM activity! Today, we are making snow dough! This snow dough is supposed to mimic the look of real snow. Your students will be able to play around with it and mold it because of its unique texture! Experience all the fun of snow without having to go outside. Check out more ways to bring winter inside the classroom here

Time: 15 minutes 

Description: What is snow dough? Snow dough is a substance made up of 2 different types of flour. All purpose is used as the base and potato starch is added to help with the texture. Coconut oil helps bond these 2 ingredients together so that you are able to create clumps, just like you can do with actual snow! The goal of creating this mixture is to be able to form clumps without the dough breaking. Check out this other activity that teaches you how to make fake snow slime!

Materials List: 

  • ½ cup of  all purpose flour 
  • ½ cup of potato starch 
  • 2 tsp coconut oil 
  • Decorative sprinkles 
  • Cotton balls 
  • Small plastic animals 
  • Spoon 
  • Plastic container 

Step 1: Pour ½ cup of all-purpose flour and ½ cup of potato starch into a small, clear plastic container. 

Step 2: Pour 2 tsp of melted coconut oil into the container. 

Step 3: Take a large spoon and mix all of the ingredients together. You should start seeing small clumps forming. 

Step 4: Add your decorative sprinkles to the mixture. If you notice that the mixture is a little dry, add a few more drops of coconut oil. The mixture should be moist but be careful not to oversaturate it. 

Step 5: Decorate your container with small plastic animals that live in cold climates! Use cotton balls to mimic the look of fluffier snow. Test your snow dough! Does it clump together? Are you able to build things with it? 

Thank you for checking out this month’s Simply STEM activity! We hope you have fun recreating this activity with your programs. If you want more activities and information related to this month’s post, check out the STEM Sprouts Padlet for December! See you in the new year for more awesome activities! Missed last month’s activity? Check it out here:

Happy holidays!

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