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Look Up!

The International Space Station is visible in the morning skies…but for Aussies only.  

It’s not the first (or the last) that these types of occurrences will happen. Many across the Earth get perfect viewing opportunities.  It will just make it extra special for us here in the Northeast when it happens for us.  Last month I got to experience the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Three in ONE!  Now I was totally surprised as meteorologist predicted cloudy skies and rain.  But that was not the case, we had some of the best clear skies we could’ve asked for.  Check out the pictures we took with a simple phone camera.  I mean it was just a delight.

So, what can we expect in June?  First, you should know that the best days are happening over this week/weekend, June 1 – 7th due to little light from our New Moon.  Also, the Moon will be shifting from New Moon to Full in the days from June 1st – 14th and a rewarding experience if you see it at the same time each night.  You will notice that the Moon moves from the West to the East. This movement demonstrates the Moon in its orbit around the Earth.  Our Full Moon this month is called the Strawberry Moon, being the last of Spring and the first of the Summer Seasons.  Native Americans gave the Full Moon in June this name because it appeared during the strawberry harvest.

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Other things to look for in the sky are for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning of June 12th.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect any meteor showers this month, but you may catch a shooting star or two.  There may not be much to catch happening this month but remember to go where light pollution is not affecting the area and you may catch more than one you may expect.


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