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After School Mentoring – What the Study Found

NIOST published an informative document in their fall 2015 magazine written by Sara McDaniel, Anna-Margaret Yarbrough, and Kevin Besnoy who conducted a literature review on Out of School Time mentoring programs. Their study revealed seven components and six kinds of activities that make such programs effective in meeting youth’s needs.

The document can be downloaded by clicking here. You’ll find the document easy to read, informative, with examples supplied.  It discusses the following subjects:

The Basics of Afterschool Mentoring Programs
Effective Mentoring Components
Support and Training for Mentors
Matching by Race and Gender
Targeted Recruitment of Mentees
Group Mentoring
Cross-Age Peer Mentoring
Club as Home
Customized Programming Using Local Resources
Effective Mentoring Activities
Model Afterschool Mentoring Programs
Recommended Practices

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