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Curbing Summer Learning Loss & Keeping Youth Safe!

Summer vacation provides youth a much needed period of relaxation and recreational freedom before the next academic year. However, what is intended to be a few months of revitalization often results in a loss of academic skills, access to healthy meals, and a safe environment. According to the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), youth from low-income families and students who receive special education services are especially prone to these drawbacks.

Keeping youth educationally engaged during the summer is important for their success in the following school year. A 2013 survey by NSLA reported teachers dedicate about 5 or more weeks in the beginning of the school year to re-teaching material previously introduced in the spring.

They’ve provided helpful tips for principals and school leaders to counter summer learning loss as well as keeping students safe and healthy.

Check out their summer learning send-off cheat sheet here.

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