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Lights On Afterschool

October 24th is the 20th Anniversary of Lights On Afterschool, a nationwide event to call attention to the importance of afterschool programs for America’s children, families and communities.

Have you registered your event? It’s not too late! After this week, the printer can’t guarantee that your posters will arrive before October 24. Register your celebration NOW with your mailing address, and we’ll send your posters ASAP. There are just two weeks left until the 20th Lights On Afterschool! We hope you’ll join us!

Can’t do an event? Join in with social media! It’s time for the Lightbulb Challenge! Every year, we challenge friends of afterschool across the country to take a photo of themselves mimicking the Lights On Afterschool logo and post it on social media with the hashtags #LightbulbChallenge and #LightsOnAfterschool. Then, participants challenge their followers to do the same! RSVP on Facebook   

In conjunction with this year’s Lights On Afterschool, on October 16th a new report from the more than 5,000 sheriffs, police chiefs, and prosecutors of the organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids will spotlight research documenting positive outcomes for children and teens who participate in high-quality afterschool programs.