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CSDE Launches CT Learning Hub

Provides All Students Access to Free High Quality, High Impact Resources to Accelerate Learning and Advance Equity

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) today announced the launch of the CT Learning Hub, a free centralized platform to provide students, teachers, and families with universally available, multilingual, quality content in order to advance equitable access and support the professional learning and resources for the development of continuous blended learning models.  CSDE created this repository of high-quality curriculum and learning materials in response to the need that arose during in-school class cancellations for free and safe online and offline resources to support student learning, social emotional well-being and engagement.

CSDE encourages summer camps and/or programs to explore and use the repository to prepare students for the upcoming school year and provide them access to enriching academic resources to counter educational setbacks and accelerate learning over the summer months.

The CT Learning Hub provides both digital and offline access to multilingual content learning modules, Summer Learning Challenges, curated applications in literacy, numeracy (or ELA and math), science, social emotional learning, fitness and much more. As students, teachers, and parents visit the CT Learning Hub, they can explore eight learning hubs for resources, activities, services and professional learning. This includes a menu of resources for core content (numeracy, literacy, science, social studies, SEL and project based learning), professional resources like lesson planning and blended learning templates, parent resources on how to support learning at home and other digital and non –digital resources (online and offline).

The CT Learning Hub will be updated regularly to include emerging technologies, resources and research to support all learners anytime, anywhere.

Alignment with CT’s “Adapt, Advance, Achieve” Reopening Plan

The CT Learning Hub provides teachers with access to all reviewed and approved standards-aligned resources in one place, including specific resources and professional learning on the seven CSDE identified Blended Learning Models to support reopening. All resources will include professional learning, implementation and communication resources with clear expectations for developing blended learning plans that focus on families, quality and equity such as how to intentionally plan instruction for all learners, including special populations and English Learners. Coming soon: a platform for teachers statewide to collaborate, share and discuss promising practices as a professional learning network.

Students have access to a clickable hub of online (digital) and offline resources that support content, courses and personal learning that can be accessed anytime, anywhere that does not require a user name and password. Students can explore what their role is in learning and teaching in a blended and or remote learning environment, which includes student ownership of learning.

Families and parents are provided a Parent Learning Hub designed for them that will include professional learning, links to resources that support health, nutrition and well-being, and community services. Parents can access reviewed and approved online (digital) and offline resources and lessons and explore what their role is in learning and teaching in a blended and or remote learning environment.