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MGM Resources for August

Celebrating National Aviation Day (August 19, 2021) 

The below assets are free profile videos of IF/THEN Ambassadors. These can be used in marketing, presentations, social media,

Videos: Adele Luta Long Profile and Adele Luta On-the-job

Videos: Jasmine Sadler On-the-job and Jasmine Sadler STEM Journey

Video: Mission Unstoppable: How Do Planes Stay in the Air?

Video: Can a Satellite Drop From the Sky Into Your Backyard?! | Curiosity Camp

Activity Sheet: Camp GoldieBlox Activity Sheet: DIY Model Satellite

Engineering Mindsets

Poster: Engineering Mindset Graphic – This printable graphic presents the 10 critical engineering practices and shows how they all contribute to the development of an engineering mindset.

Article: What STEM Mindset Is … and Why Everyone Should Have One – This article describes how 21st century skills, growth mindset, and habits of mind all contribute to a STEM mindset

Website: DiscoverE | Engineering activities for kids, resources for teachers and volunteers, and more! Build a beverage holder that won’t hurt the environment, learn about the many careers in engineering, and meet an engineering role model in a short video.


Article: ‘I’m not just a mom’: Parents as creators, collaborators, and learners in creative computing by Ricarose Roque – Social support from parents can play an important role in engaging and sustaining young people’s participation in computing. The authors identified many supportive roles for parents, including collaborating with their children on projects, providing resources and finding new opportunities.

Student Design Activity: Bouncy Ball Factory – Youth engineer bouncy balls that meet particular criteria. Using the engineering design process, they develop and test their creations.

Student Design Activity: Paper Table – Youth engineer a table from a newspaper that is at least 8″ high and strong enough to hold a book.

Student Design Activity: Take Flight – Using everyday materials, youth engineer a glider that can fly straight for 15 feet.

Student Design Activity: Keep Your Cool! Design Your Own Cooler Challenge – Youth design a cooler that will keep a bottle of water cool using the engineering design process. They test their prototype and graph their results to determine the effectiveness of the solution.

Student Design Activity: Design a Watercraft – Youth engineering a small boat out of straws and plastic wrap that can hold weight.

Student Design Activity: Get it Write! – Youth engineering a writing device (pen) using everyday materials. They think about both the (water soluble) “ink” and the delivery mechanism.


Curious About Curiosity Camp? IF/THEN® Resources to Support Girls in STEM August 18, 2021: 11:00am Pacific/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern


GoldieBlox is educating and empowering girls by creating engaging content, fun toys, and interesting resources. In this webinar, you will learn more about the IF/THEN® Collection, Curiosity Camp, and the newly released Camp GoldieBlox resources. The webinar will highlight ways to use these resources to support girls in STEM. Hear from GoldieBlox founder, Debbie Sterling, and the stars of Curiosity Camp, about the importance of STEM role models and resources for girls.

Resources for Afterschool Programs: Using the IF/THEN Collection September 14, 2021: 11:00pm Pacific/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern


Stereotypes about who does STEM continue to be pervasive in current society. For girls, particularly girls of color, the cultural stereotypes of STEM disciplines as male dominated and white prevent them from seeing their current or possible future selves within these communities (Kang et al., 2019). How can adults and educators address these

Techbridge Girls Curriculum Training

Leveraging their 20- year history and expertise, Techbridge Girls will offer three different program models: ignite, Inspire, and ChangeMakers, that provide program staff with training and curriculum and youth with hands-on experiences, with broad STEM content and career exposure, and social/emotional development activities.


Curiosity Machine Design Challenges

September 16, 2021: 8:00am Pacific/10:00am Central/11:00am Eastern


Introducing Artificial Intelligence Using Curiosity Machine 

October 14, 2021: 8:00am Pacific/10:00am Central/11:00am Eastern


Artificial intelligence can be fun, hands-on, and connected to real life, even for kids. In this training for educators of upper elementary or middle school students, Technovation will showcase our Curiosity Machine artificial intelligence lessons. With these free lessons, help your students learn, play and create solutions to real-world problems with Al. Learn what Al is, how it works, and how your students can use it to solve a problem they care about through our 10-lesson

Going Deeper: From Curiosity Machine to Technovation Girls Challenge 

November 4, 2021: 8:00am Pacific/10:00am Central/11:00am Eastern


Calling all educators who are interested in teaching your students how to solve global problems with technology! While Technovation’s global program is tailored for girls, educators around the world are using this curriculum with all their students. Take your exploration of open-ended design challenges with your students to the next level by learning about this multi-week opportunity for students to dive deep into coding or AI and a passion project that could change the world and themselves. This program will prepare students not only to succeed as a STEM learner but as an entrepreneur as well.

The M in STEM: Making Mathematics Meaningful with the National Girls Collaborative Project 

October 5, 2021: 11:00am Pacific/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern



Over two 75-minute sessions with Jobs for the Future (JFF), you’ll learn how to use JFF’s free Possible Futures (PF) Engineering and Design curriculum unit to introduce students to careers that require an engineering mindset. How? The interactive lessons for grades 6-10 have students assume the role of professionals in the engineering field as they learn to prototype, iterate, and innovate. Thinking as young professionals, students are introduced to the design

Exploration and Awareness of Careers that use an Engineering Mindset: The Possible Futures Curriculum Part I

October 14, 2021: 12:00pm Pacific/2:00pm Central/3:00pm Eastern



Exploration and Awareness of Careers that use an Engineering Mindset: The Possible Futures Curriculum Part II

November 3, 2021: 12:00pm Pacific/2:00pm Central/3:00pm Eastern


Tour of the IF/THEN Collection: Million Girls Moonshot Portal with the National Girls Collaborative Project

September 21, 2021: 11:00am Pacific/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern


Going to Camp with Camp GoldieBlox and the National Girls Collaborative Project

October 19, 2021: 11:00am Pacific/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern


Join NGCP and GoldieBlox as we explore the new episodes of Camp GoldieBlox and accompanying activity guides. In this webinar participants will learn about new resources from GoldieBlox designed to inspire the next generation of girls in STEM.

Role Models Matters Training for STEM Volunteers

Ready to train volunteers and role models in your Network, school, or afterschool program? COMPLETE THIS REGISTRATION FORM to gain