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Women in STEM January Spotlights

This month Million Girls Moonshot is giving the spotlight to 4 amazing women in STEM! These women are all IF/THEN ambassadors which are part of the Girls Collaborative Project. Learn about what it takes to become a Physicist, Rocket Scientist, Aerospace Engineer and a Paleontologist. Click on their videos to meet them and learn more about what they do! 

Meet Adele Luta (Scientist, Innovator, Physicist)
Adele first became interested in science when her father would talk to her about the stars on their family trips to Lake Michigan. She emphasizes the importance of “having a strong core” to have a career in STEM. She went on to train astronauts, work in a neuroscience lab and study how teamwork functions in high-stress environments. Learn more about Adele here.

Meet Jasmine Sadler (Rocket Scientist)
Jasmine says that in her career she mainly focuses on turning air into energy. She repairs engines and also helps figure out what is wrong with them. She enjoys the artistic side of her job, which involves redesigning older engines to update their technology. Learn more about Jasmine here.

Meet Sydney Hamilton (Aerospace Engineer)
Sydney has worked on planes and also on equipment used in outer space in her field. She mainly works on reflectors, which are part of a satellite. Sydney shows a fun at-home activity that you can do which demonstrates how a satellite is launched into space. Her favorite engineering project was 3D printing parts for satellites. Learn more about Sydney here.

Meet Myria Perez (Paleontologist)
Myria excavates fossils which means that she uses tools to dig up fossils that are millions of years old. She demonstrates this process by using a chocolate chip cookie and a toothpick as an example. Myria explains that the real tools used to excavate fossils are very similar to everyday household items like toothbrushes and tweezers. Her advice for girls who want to be in STEM is to volunteer and find a mentor to help along the way. Learn more about Myria here.

We hope that you will enjoy these videos and learn something new! Don’t forget to visit the Million Girls Moonshot website here for more information and activities about all things STEM related. See you next week!

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