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Power of Us Workforce Survey

Millions of professionals and volunteers work with young people every day in the many settings where youth play, learn, and grow outside of the school day.

Yet, we have little collective information about this essential workforce. We want to know more about those who are still in the youth fields and those who left, so that we can explore, define, and elevate this collective workforce and their work with youth.

Youth-serving professionals and volunteers are invited to take the #PowerofUsSurvey—a first of its kind study that seeks to know and understand more about the experiences of and pathways into the youth fields workforce. The data from the survey can help to inform policy, practice, and further research to better support the workforce.

We also invite individuals to be part of the Power of Us Campaign. In sharing your story with the campaign, you can help others SEE themselves as part of the workforce and understand why they, too, should take the survey. Learn more at:

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