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Feel Good Friday!

Our Feel Good Friday blog gives us an inside look and learning more about the Network staff!  Here is what is making us feel good lately!

Barbara: You just don’t know what a day will bring. My parents, who had remained COVID free from the beginning, finally went on vacation to see their sisters, brothers-in-law and nieces and nephews. It has been, like so many, years since they had seen each other. Well first it was my aunt who reported having COVID, and then, everyone tested positive, and it was like the Domino effect. My parents ended up staying an extra week, staying in separate rooms in a motel and are finally flying home today.

So why does this make me feel good? Because all had been vaccinated and boosted so their reactions were mild. Most of the folks they were visiting were elderly and over 50. I feel good because science won the day! My larger extended family is healthy, and my parents are flying home today feeling okay. And that makes me feel great!!

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