I received a newsletter from the website: childtrends.org which piqued my interest considering it is a much talked about subject in my family.  Basically we ask, “what the heck is going on with boys”.  Well Child Trends took a stab at it and analyzed a 2010-2011 National Survey of Children’s Health and supplemented the data with additional findings from scientific literature on gender disparities in children and youth.  What they came up with were 5 explanations for the “issue with boys”.  Below are the summaries, to view the complete explanations of each of the summaries and find some good resources you can click here to visit the Child Trends page.

  1. From a health perspective, being male is associated with a number of vulnerabilities, relative to females, from birth onward.
  2. Males perform less well, academically, than females, at least up until post-secondary schooling.
  3. Hispanic and black boys and youth, with some exceptions, generally experience worse outcomes than their male white counterparts. 
  4. In some cases, the gender gap is wider, or narrower, among children and youth in one racial/ethnic group than it is among children and youth overall.
  5. Families, schools, and neighborhoods have opportunities to improve boys’ outcomes.