Top Sensory Table Ideas

I love incorporating sensory bins in my program every chance I get. Studies about sensory tables will show that they are not only beneficial to children with special needs but for all children. My students go crazy when we have sensory activity set up for them and I love to see how amazed and engaged they are with the different types of sensory bins. Here are my top 4 sensory activities I often put out for my students.


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Motor Skill Development in After School

As you observe children between the ages of 5 and 14, you will see improved coordination in both gross and fine motor development. School age children exhibit gains in four large muscle or gross motor areas: balance, flexibility, agility and force. As fine motor skills develop, you will see improved hand-eye coordination and more control of the muscles of the hands and wrists. What does this mean for an after school program? (more…)

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