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Charter Oak 2014 Fall Textbooks

Members enrolled in the Credential in After School Education courses at Charter Oak State College, can save on this Fall semester’s courses.   The following titles are available for both the first and second, 8 week terms in our Resource Library.

Titles available for the Fall: First 8 Week Term (Aug. 25 – Oct. 19, 2014):

ASE 260: Program Environment & Curriculum Development in ASE

  • Whitaker. Multiple Intelligences & After-School Environments: Keeping All Children in Mind
  • National Institute of Out of School Time (NIOST). Links to Learning

ASE 270: Supervision & Leadership in ASE

  • Sullivan. Learning to Lead Effectiveness for Teachers
  • Goleman. Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

ASE 315: Positive Guidance for children and Youth

  • Fink. Discipline in School Age Care: Control the Environment, Not Children
  • Gordon. Teacher Effectiveness Training
  • Kaiser. Challenging Behavior in Young Children, 3rd Edition
  • Kohn. Beyond Discipline, 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Murphy. The Angry Child
  • Nelson. Positive Discipline, 4th Edition.

Titles available for the Fall: Second 8 Week Term (Oct. 27 – Dec. 21, 2014):

ASE 220: Principle of Positive Youth Development

  • Edginton. Youth Work: Emerging Perspectives in Youth Development
  • Hamilton. The Youth Development Handbook: Coming of Age in American Communities

ASE 265: Child & Adolescent Development

  • Berk. Infants Children & Adolescents 7th edition
  • Mooney. Theories of Childhood, 2nd Edition
  • Wood. Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4–14. 3rd Edition

This member-only benefit is available by contacting Marla Berrios at (203) 483-9757 or emailing her at For your convenience, pre-paid return envelopes are included with your library selection.

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