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The Ten-Minute Trainer

From author, trainer and veteran teacher Sharon Bowman, comes The Ten-Minute Trainer.  An awesome guide for anyone who wants to spark engagement and learning in the right amount of time.

The Ten-Minute Trainer offers a lot of training in as little time as possible.  Use your training time wisely and engage your audience without wasting their time or yours.  Written for the busy professional.  This book will show you how to design and deliver effective training programs for your staff.  With 150 quick and high energy ways to involve your team this resource will organize your training time so everyone gets the most from your instruction.

Network members can borrow a copy from the Network Resource Library by contacting Marla Berrios at (203) 483-9757 or emailing her at For your convenience, pre-paid return envelopes are included with your library selection.

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