CLASP STEM Application open NOW. Apply today! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to explore and build comfort with sharing STEM learning as a regular part of your program? Are you a frontline educator and want to…

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Free Virtual Summer Training Now Available!

Creating a Summer Like No Other: Introducing Summer Re-Boot Camp 2021

Are you looking for training for your summer staff? As we continue to navigate through the impact of the pandemic, many programs will be offering face-to-face camps and activities this summer. With the anticipated hiring of many new staff, there is a need for training services that will help develop the skills they need to serve children and families across the country.  (more…)

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Behavior Management Institute

In collaboration with the Utah Afterschool Network and University of Utah, the Behavior Management Institute is designed to provide a system of support for attendees to understand students’ behavior, engagement strategies, and restorative practices as they apply to the crucial topic of behavior management. (more…)

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