You are currently viewing CLASP STEM Application open NOW. Apply today! 

CLASP STEM Application open NOW. Apply today! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to explore and build comfort with sharing STEM learning as a regular part of your program? Are you a frontline educator and want to learn more about how to bring in cost-effective hands-on exploration of STEM ideas and how they connect with Social Emotional Learning skills.  Do you want to encourage every kid to consider what in them might connect them to a STEM career?  But do you find yourself feeling like you don’t know enough about STEM to teach it confidently? OR….

Are you a STEM coordinator?  Are you looking for ways to connect your program ideas with other parts of the curriculum?  Do you want to expand you understanding of how SEL connects to STEM education? Build a bigger STEM community by joining with a STEM curious co-worker and collaborate to build connections for regular and sustainable high quality STEM programming for your students while incorporating deliberate and intentional SEL learning opportunities involved in STEM.

How? Apply for our STEM CLASP program.  This 2 year cohort opportunity made possible through support from the  Connecticut NASA Space Grants Consortium and Million Girls Moonshot will help you explore and expand your tools as an educator who can teach quality STEM programming.  Expand your professional STEM network and the opportunities for your students to understand and connect with a whole new way of thinking and exploring the world!  Each session includes a STEM kit to try out a new activity for yourself in class and then with your students.  Apply today by clicking here!  Application closes at 5pm on  Sep 27, 2021.