You are currently viewing Connecticut’s Own Tracey Lay! National Afterschool Association 2015 Board Candidate

Connecticut’s Own Tracey Lay! National Afterschool Association 2015 Board Candidate

This month, a new slate of board members will be voted on for the National Afterschool Association. In the running this year is Connecticut’s own Tracey Lay. She is the Director of School Age Programs and Development Services at EDUCATION CONNECTION in Litchfield. Here is some information for you to get to know her better…

Tracey has worked in after school/out of school time for over 26 years and has been involved in the field on the local, regional, state-wide and national level for 21 years.  She has a passion for after school and has witnessed the growth of the field during her tenure.  Many colleagues around the state affectionately refer to her as the field “historian” due to my experience and involvement in out of school time.  She has worked in various capacities of after school programs, including hands-on positions as Assistant Teacher, Head Teacher, Site Coordinator, Coordinator, and Director. These positions have given her a broad view of the field.  She can relate to everyone in the field, as she has “been there and done that” over the years.  Her other roles have included Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor and Committee/Board Member.  Through these roles she has been able to connect with after school stakeholders and has worked with front-line staff, mid-level supervisors, program coordinators, directors, agency leaders, school officials, community leaders, local and state officials and legislators.

Watch the video below and be sure to vote for her at

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