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Fizz, Bubble and Flash

What do elements have to do with your everyday life? They make your world — and beyond — move and groove, fizz, bubble and flash! Fizz, Bubble & Flash, Element Explorations & Atom Adventures for Hands on Science Fun! helps you discover what you have in common with party balloons, footballs, computer chips, pizza dough, table salt and TV screens; “Break” a water molecule, produce fluorescent light (without using a switch!), enjoy a half-life snack, compare antiperspirants, and separate the iron from your breakfast cereal!; Find out why broccoli smells, why soda makes a coin shine, the secret of static cling, and what makes a smoke detector work.

Network members can borrow a copy from the Network Resource Library by contacting Marla Berrios at (203) 483-9757 or emailing her at For your convenience, pre-paid return envelopes are included with your library selection.

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