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Extreme Experiments

My students are always excited to do science experiments, especially because they don’t have the chance to do experiments during the school day. We will often use this book called Candy Experiments when doing a science activity with the students. The experiments are well explained with step by step directions. Each one will also tell you the amount of time it will take and the level of difficulty. Not to mention the students usually have the opportunity to enjoy a little treat after the experiment is over. This book is a great resource to have in your classroom.

When my students think of science they immediately think about an experiment where something will explode or one that is hands on and they can get messy. I try to show teach my students that there are many different kinds of science that don’t always include immediate reactions. Every spring we do a lesson about botany to teach our students how a plant grows. We plant different seeds, place them in various parts of the classroom and graph the plants growth over several weeks. Great resources to receive free supplies and information for classroom gardening kits are:

  1. Grow Organic
  2. Growums
  3. Park Seed
  4. Burpee


Amanda White is currently the Program Director for the North Branford Family Resource Center. She has been with the North Branford FRC for five years and is currently a Master Student at Sacred Heart University in the Communications.

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