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Being Trauma Informed

Remember when people asked children, “what’s wrong with you”? We still do this. Rather we should be asking, “what happened to you”. Childhood trauma is more common than we care to say. There are many different statistics but all support that trauma is highly prevalent in adults and children. You, as providers and staff see it every day. It displays itself in the behaviors of the children you supervise. Even some “normal” behaviors have an edge to them where you question yourself and wonder why. Many children handle trauma well where others need some help in order to grow into responsible adults.

One such city in Connecticut has started the beginning of becoming “trauma informed”. New Britain is creating this new environment. Working to change how people see and address trauma and ptsd because people make the difference.

The CT Mirror has published an article discussing New Britain and their efforts to become more empathetic to the effect of trauma on children and families. It’s an interesting read.

You can view the article here or copy and paste this link:

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