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How to Conduct a BioBlitz

Awesome activity for summer learning!  

BioBlitz At-A-Glance

What is a BioBlitz?  

BioBlitz is an opportunity to take a snapshot of the biodiversity of a place! They are typically led by educators, scientists, or park rangers.

Where can a BioBlitz be held?  

A BioBlitz can be held just about anywhere-from local, state, or national park sites to a schoolyard or backyard. They can be aquatic and/or terrestrial, sometimes even focusing only on tiny, microscopic organisms.

What long does a BioBlitz last?  

They can last for a few hours, a weekend, or a few weeks.

Why host a BioBlitz?  

They engage participants-from young children to experts-in an immersive exploration of their local biodiversity and promote awareness of the importance of understanding our natural world. 

What is the mission behind BioBlitz? 

BioBlitz mission is to harness the power of citizen science and storytelling to encourage change makers around the globe to explore ecosystems and help to identify the incredible life on Earth. 

What resources are available for prospective participants?  

Confirmed Webinars-open to all programs, especially summer learning programs:

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