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Look Up!

That’s right, look up!  Everywhere around us everyone is looking down at a computer screen or phone.  Even when on vacation, many tend to take pictures instead of sitting and capturing what is around them visually to record in their memories.

If I haven’t said it before, I love looking up!  During our What Makes Us Happy posts, I shared many of my experiences during this past year and I constantly referenced one of my favorite past times, star gazing.  Sometimes we look at the moon and at the brightest stars but do you really look and take it all in?  I will start a miniseries on stargazing this month.

I will be your quick guide on what to look for in the night sky especially on our part of the earth.  It is without mentioning that our wintery skies sometimes make the best for viewing as the air is crisp, but it can also be our greatest downfall as we tend to have cloudy skies for most or all the best star gazing moments.  Do not let this bit of information deter you…there is always plenty to see.

Each week I will make sure to point out what our skies are showcasing and also where and when it will happen.  I will share some of my favorite locations to go to and websites you can visit to get more information.  All I can say is to look up, because I don’t need to tell you what is up there, it is always available and free to view! 😉

Here is one of my latest pictures of July’s Full Buck Moon, also known as the Blue Moon (in name only).  We call it a Blue Moon because it’s the second of two full moons in a calendar month. Did you know there were 4 full moons this past season (the time between the solstice and an equinox)?  The first was in June right after the summer solstice, the third just happened in August a couple of weeks ago and the fourth will be on September 13th.  This is a rare occurrence as there are usually 3 full moons per season…read more in our next newsletter!

Full Buck Blue Moon – July 23, 2021