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Feel Good Friday!

Our Feel Good Friday blog gives us am inside to learning more about the Network staff!  Here is what is making us feel good lately!

Michelle: I feed the birds every morning but have taken to providing extra so that we can share with the squirrels too, which makes me super happy. I have both red and gray squirrels each morning, and the occasional chipmunk, as well as 6-8 blue jays, a pair of mourning doves, sparrows, titmice, juncos, a cardinal couple, and one common flicker which is a woodpecker with a red splotch on his head. The birds were too fast, but this squirrely posed for a photo.

Shawna: This week there is lots to be thankful for! I got to go golfing with Marla on Sunday! It ended up being colder than we would have liked and of course we didn’t get a picture, but there’s always next time! Yesterday, I beat the monthly language learning challenge more than two weeks before the month has ended! And then today, it’s going to be 80 degrees! (That’s my ideal temperature 🤩)

Marla: Like Shawna mentioned, we went golfing together! I can actually say we now have a couple to go golfing with. It was very chilly but the fun we had superseded the weather. This week starting with golf on Sunday was full of activities, I had a mom/daughter dinner with my mom, aunt and cousin. My little niece’s first birthday party and a few other outings. I couldn’t catch all of them with pictures but being present was far better than remembering to take my phone out to take a one.

Barbara: This week I received an Easter Card that I wasn’t expecting. It was very sweet, but what I thought was the best were all the stamps used to mail the card! I think you can tell a lot about a person and the stamps they buy, and then use until they are completely gone! 

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