Making Math Fun

My students love math if you could believe it or not. During homework time many will ask for me to create practice problems for them to solve. I started to run out of ideas off the top of my head and started to search the internet for helpful resources. I found a couple of websites that quickly became very popular to my students. Here are the top 5 websites my students use during our after school program.   (more…)

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Top 4 Sites for Planning Physical Activities

When students are dismissed from school and arrive to your program what is the first thing you notice? Give up? The amount of energy they have! The first category of resources I want to share is for physical activity. These students have been sitting at a desk for most of the day receiving a very little amount of time to get their energy out of their systems. At my program I always try to include activities where my students have to get up and move around. This helps them better focus later on when I need them to regroup and focus on something different. Here are my top 4 resources I use when planning the physical activities for my program.


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