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Making Math Fun

My students love math if you could believe it or not. During homework time many will ask for me to create practice problems for them to solve. I started to run out of ideas off the top of my head and started to search the internet for helpful resources. I found a couple of websites that quickly became very popular to my students. Here are the top 5 websites my students use during our after school program.  

Cool Math Games


Math Playground

Fun Games

Soft School Games

Another resource I often will use is the website The website offers a wide selection of activities, some for a price but many for free. The website is broken down into categories by subject, theme and age level. This is perfect when I am looking for practice math materials for my students, especially because I can look for activities that correspond with the theme of the week.

 I like to incorporate math as often as I can in our after school program, and when math and physical activities are option my students are extra excited. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my favorite physical activity websites is This website has a category dedicated to math games, and it is great to have your students up and moving while also putting on their thinking caps to solve math problems. Our favorite game is Line Math, a fast moving game where we use addition and subtraction problems.

Amanda White is currently the Program Director for the North Branford Family Resource Center. She has been with the North Branford FRC for five years and is currently a Master Student at Sacred Heart University in the Communications. 

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