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2015 After School Seminar Series

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Special Needs and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

February 20, 2015, Stamford

Are YOU breaking the law without realizing it in your after school or summer program? Sometimes simple awareness can save your program thousands of dollars in legal fees and litigation. Assistant United States Attorney Lisa Perkins, will provide an overview of titles II and III of the ADA and present case studies involving the failure to accommodate children with disabilities in summer camps and afterschool programs. She will provide guidance on what the ADA requires of aftercare programs and best practices when a program receives a request to accommodate a child with a disability.

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Integrating Learning in After School

February 23, 2015, Hartford

Learning doesn’t stop just because the school day has ended. Learn how to infuse academics into after school programs. Take ideas from this training back to your program to teach your staff to be stealth teachers. By utilizing stealth learning techniques, you and your staff can infuse literacy, STEM, service learning and social skills into afterschool activities. By offering high quality programs that make learning fun, student engagement increases and leads to greater student success.

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Upcoming Seminars

March 31 – Grant Writing, Hartford
April 24 – Managing Challenging Behaviors, Hartford
May 11 – Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Programs, Hartford

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