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Free, Innovative Afterschool STEM Program with Stipends Available

Innovative STEM programming is a great way to start the new school year!  Through My Window is free multimedia curriculum that combines engineering, technology, literacy, and arts for children and young teens in grades 4-8!
The Through My Window learning environment ( includes the STEM mystery novel Talk to Me; online learning adventures (modules) that allow learners to deeply explore engineering themes introduced in the novel; and offline enrichment activities.  The project offers

  • alignment with 21st CCLC goals for learning and positive youth development
  • engineering framed in highly engaging, well-written story
  • relevant, diverse characters and strong female leads that appeal to all learners
  • flexible curriculum pathways designed for your program
  • educator support and training

A great resource for afterschool programs as well as book clubs, libraries and museums, and STEM clubs, educators and program staff don’t need a background in engineering to successfully facilitate Through My Window.  Funded by the National Science Foundation, we provide the following free resources and support for students and educators:

  • Talk to Me novel in e-reader format
  • Talk to Me audiobook
  • Online learning adventure in artificial intelligence called “Rio’s Brain
  • Teachers’ curriculum guide
    o offline enrichment activities that support Talk to Me and “Rio’s Brain”
    o Talk to Me guide with chapter-by-chapter plot summaries, vocabulary, writing prompts, and engineering concepts.
    o “Rio’s Brain” guide with screenshots and step-by-step instructions
  • Personalized curriculum pathways for programs
  • Educator support and training, including site visits
  • Educator website—

In addition, we provide substantial discounts to programs wishing to purchase the paperback version of the Talk to Me novel for their students.

Our results show that students using Through My Window are learning as they broaden perceptions about engineering and develop STEM identity.  Partner with the Through My Window team and join innovative educators like those from The Lighthouse Program in Bridgeport, who used Through My Window with almost 700 students this summer!  Programs using Through My Window are eligible for $500 stipends.  Afterschool staff participating in PD will receive $150 stipends.

Through My Window was a finalist for the 2015 REVERE Awards for valuable educational resources.  Check out our recent feature in AfterSchool Today magazine!

Contact Beth ( or Isabel ( to get started or schedule a PD session.  Visit to explore resources and learn what educators are saying about Through My Window!

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