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Lights on Afterschool is Coming!!


On October 22nd, communities across the country will come together for Lights on Afterschool, the only nationwide celebration of afterschool.  If you are a program provider, a parent, a community member or a program participant, you know there is a lot to celebrate.  Afterschool programs across the country inspire kids to learn everything from healthy habits to computer coding, help working parents, and keep kids safe and engaged after the school day ends.  Last year, more than a million people celebrated the unique programs that they love at Lights on Afterschool events around the country.  This year, help afterschool programs in Connecticut get the attention they deserve by registering yourLights on Afterschool celebration!

More than 9,000 events come together each October to make Lights on Afterschool a hallmark event of the afterschool movement.  In the past, the United States Senate has passed a resolution stating support for increased program access and funding, and the Empire State Building has lit up in support of after school programs.  You might think that your small event wouldn’t make much of a difference, but having Lights on Afterschool events in every community across the state sends a loud, powerful message.

Need help planning your event?  Check out the Lights on Afterschool website for ideas on how to showcase the importance of afterschool.  Have questions?  Reach out to Mark Fopeano, Program Manager at Dwight Hall at Yale, who was recently selected as an Afterschool Ambassador for  Connecticut by the Afterschool Alliance.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 and start collaborating with community members, students, parents, and program staff to have the best Lights on Afterschool program in the country.  The Connecticut After School Network would love to hear about your event as well!


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