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The Potential and Pitfalls of Partnerships (Nov 6th First Friday)

First Friday

Collaboration has been the buzzword for the past eight to ten years and with good reason.

Partnerships allow your program to expand offerings, get more voices at the table, and perhaps serve more kids in the process. There is potential in collaboration that if left untapped could leave your program as a sole island in a sea of after school offerings within your community. Likewise, there are pitfalls to partnership opportunities. Too often the quietest voice at the table often goes unheard as larger, more organized programs call the shots.

How we look at partnership, and where our programs fall along a continuum of collaboration makes the difference in the partnerships we keep or pursue. What are your strategies for engaging partners that can enhance your program? Do you always turn to the usual suspects for collaboration or have you thought about others that can add value to enhance the academic and social-emotional content within your program?

These are just a few of the questions and ideas we will be sharing at the November 6th, First Friday. The time is 10-12 AM. The location (for this one only) is at the New Britain YWCA (19 Franklin Square, New Britain).

Registration is ongoing, sign up and join us for an engaging morning of ideas and strategies.

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