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OST Mini Conference Recordings

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Track 1 – Virtualizing After School: Connecting with Children in Light of the Pandemic – It has been weeks since we last had the normalcy of after school programming. Children and families have been home and missing a routine. In all of this new norm, after school programs don’t have to be forgotten. Hear from several programs that have virtualized after school and kept connections with the children and families they serve.

Track 2 – Tips and Tricks for Keeping Staff and Kids Safe, Healthy, and Happy – This training delves into the foundational information needed to increase safety and health outdoors, on the playground, and especially during Covid-19.  We will discuss why health & safety is important and how to be proactive.

Track 3 – The Power of  Your Self-Care… Turning Surviving Today into Thriving for Tomorrow – Time dedicated to self-care can be difficult from day-to-day for any childcare professional; as we are natural caretakers and nurturers and are constantly pouring into the development of the youth we serve. However, in these current times of the pandemic, self-care is especially important to survive now and to thrive later. Join us in this fun and interactive virtual workshop to learn and practice self-care skills and techniques for prioritizing you today in preparation for tomorrow.

Track 4 – Behavior Management (In the Time of Covid) – In this workshop, we review how to manage and promote learning from challenging behaviors by understanding where they may come from and strengthening your tools to address them.   In this workshop we will also take time to consider this with the special lens of social distancing, remote learning and what other concerns might present themselves as we return to program spaces.