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What’s a Mizzen?

The Mott Foundation has released a new app they have created for after school staff called Mizzen; the app is completely free and can be found on both iOS and Android.  The content is supplied by all the after school networks in the United States; a nice collaboration and a way to give back. 

I recently installed it and found it easy to install and simple to use.  Mott did a good job  keeping it simple. The Home page greets you with Group information (if set up), Featured Content, and the Tip of the Day.  The Content is divided into Playlists (just like your music playlist) which allows you quick access to various activities built into it. Modules operate as curriculum containing all the activities needed to complete the module (the basic project).  If you just want a simple activity on the run, there is the Activity tab. Pro Tips are just that, expert advice on SEL, learning, modelling, coaching, all types of areas. 

One of the features I thought was valuable was using Groups.  It wasn’t as intuitive as the rest of the app but once I was in I could see that this was a wonderful way of being able to assign Content to a Group you created, perhaps a Science or Reading group, then having staff present it to the students. 

I like this app, I see the potential.  Mott will add more content as time goes on.  I hope you all will give it a try.  Collaboration is the key to success, when we work together we can get so much done and appreciate what we all have to give. 

For more information, the Mizzen website is located here.


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