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Choose Love

Are you feeling kind of grumpy and out of sorts; working hard to keep yourself motivated and moving?  This website might help.  It was created by a mother of a Sandy Hook child who died but left a loving message for his mother.  She took this message to heart and created a website in his honor.  The website is called “The Jessie Lewis Choose Love Movement”. 

Jesse’s mother has created a website of social and emotional learning resources where 83% of the nonprofit’s revenue goes to programming services that are all free.  On the home page (, you will see the tab “Choose Love During Coronavirus” which offers a variety of SEL resources for parents and educators, Loving Thoughts with Scarlett vlog, podcasts, A Daily Dose of Love (which features inspiring stories and uplifting quotes), mindfulness and yoga programs for kids, and many more.

We can all use the methods on the website to create a culture of “nurturing, healing love” that helps people feel safe and supported. 

Take a look at the website or the attached pdf for more information; you will find information you can use.