Want to keep your after school cooking program fresh and interesting?  We gave you ideas for multicultural recipes, now we are kicking it up a notch. Make food lovers fall for science!

The Science Chef is filled with over 100 fun food experiments and recipes for kids!  Teach basic science through cooking with easy-to-perform projects.   Get students to answers to questions like:

  • Why do onions make you cry?
  • What makes popcorn pop?
  • What happens when you beat egg whites?
  • Why does a cut apple turn brown?
  • and many more!

Network members can borrow a copy from the Network Resource Library by contacting Marla Berrios at (203) 483-9757 or emailing her at mberrios@ctafterschoolnetwork.org. For your convenience, pre-paid return envelopes are included with your library selection.