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CT Research Highlighted in Fall 2016 Afterschool Matters Journal

For over a decade, afterschool programs have been positioning themselves as viable partners in student learning. After all, afterschool programs challenge students’ thinking, teach collaboration, and help children and youth find their passion. In the latest issue of the field journal Afterschool Matters, Director of Professional Development and Research at the Connecticut After School Network, Ken Anthony, Ed.D. and his Rhode Island counterpart Joseph Morra explore the dynamics of effective partnerships between school and after school programs.

Based on research Dr. Anthony conducted within Connecticut, the article uses the Framework of Alignment designed by Tracy Carmichael, Ph.D. at THINK Together in Santa Ana, CA to explore three common traits that are present in school-afterschool partnerships (communication, sense of partnership, and sharing of academic resources). Findings identified five major themes gleaned through interviews with school and afterschool staff. These included misalignment, school administrative support for the afterschool program, informal structures and opportunities, program elements, and barriers. Additionally, Anthony and Morra lay out practical recommendations for each area to help build bridges to stronger partnerships and alignment to create a holistic vision for student learning and development.

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