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SEL Series – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is not just a dinner

Historically Thanksgiving Day is a National holiday in the United States that occurs in November.  In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is recognized today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. In 1863, amid the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.

When most people think of the Thanksgiving holiday, they think of eating a savory feast with family and friends. Unlike the colonists and Wampanoag Indians dinner which centered around celebrating collaboration, perseverance and gratitude, many North Americans are eating, watching football, and rushing out to shop to grab Black Friday deals.

●  What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? 

●  Has Thanksgiving lost its meaning?

●  More importantly, how do we help our students understand the meaning of the holiday.

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Tiana Brown is the Assistant Director of the Norwalk Housing Authority Learning Centers


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