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Activities for Indoors

Now that the weather is cold, that means more program time is spent inside. It can be hard to keep kids engaged while they are all cooped up. I’ve explored the Mizzen App to find some activities that are great for the colder months. 

One of my favorite activities I tested while doing the Mizzen Monday series about a year ago, was the Solar System Bead Activity. This activity involved tying beads to a string to get a relative picture of how far the planets are from one another. I had a blast with my sparkly star-like string, measuring as closely as possible on the floor to get the distance between planets right. You can see it all in the video posted to the Network’s YouTube channel. 

If there’s one recommendation I would make, it would be to place tape on the floor to help students measure and fasten their beads more accurately, as this was something I didn’t do and struggled with.

As I explored the Mizzen App to find more activities for indoors, I found some awesome collections. Collections is a cool Mizzen feature that have numerous activities for selected categories. They can make it easy to build curriculum or find a connected activity in a pinch. My two favorite collections for this month are:

23 Days of Fun, Healthy and Creative Activities for December

Art Projects for K-5th Grade at Home or in Small Groups

Shout us out on socials if you’re able to implement any of the activities mentioned here or you found something useful after reading this blog. Keep an eye out next month for how to build activities around your interests.  

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