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Lights On, Bullying, and Hip Hop

Hello, friends of After School!

Today is Lights On Afterschool, a day focused on nationwide advocacy and celebration of the after school field.  We here at the CT After School Network were talking about how powerful the impact of our field can be, and our Executive Director, Michelle, told me this incredible story that really embodies the power of after school!

A program had an activity that started out with each student writing down something they were proud of.  One student wrote that she was proud of not hurting herself when she was bullied.  Nobody knew she had been bullied.  Nobody knew she was in pain.  Nobody knew she needed help.  But her after school program was a safe space, where she could say what happened, and get the help and support she needed.

In addition to today being Lights On Afterschool, it is also nearing the end of National Bullying Prevention Month.

At Flocabulary, they’ve created a hip hop music video about bullying.  If you watch closely, you’ll see that it builds anti-bullying skills, but also pairs new vocabulary with definitions, so there are layers of learning embedded in the rhymes.  What a great way to open dialog about bullying and make sure your program is a safe place for kids to talk about this complex issue!

What are you doing to shine lights on after school or stop bullying in its tracks?  Let us know!

Want training in bullying prevention or developing social emotional skills?  Check out our  2015-2016 PD Catalog or email Monica for customized training or support!


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