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SEL Series – Got Talent?

That Kid’s Got Talent! On the Lookout for Your Child’s Hidden Talents.

Children with learning and attention issues may be more reluctant to try new things because they may already struggle with making friends, academics, and have some social and emotional struggles as well.

Often, children are reluctant to try new things for fear of failure- that is why it is a good idea to encourage your child to try new activities. I always like to share the very cliché, but very true phrase with children “Life begins outside of your comfort zone”! And it’s always fun to watch children’s fear and doubt turn into excitement and confidence when they enjoy a task that once seemed intimidating. As a parent or educator, we play a vital role in helping build our children’s confidence when it comes to tackling new and foreign obstacles. This is why introducing your child to different programs and sports has the potential to tremendously develop them in a number of ways. Children may resist attending the first class or practice, however, the payoff may result in your child discovering a new hidden talent! Once they try it out for a while- they can decide whether to stick with it or not.

Here are two rules of thumb when choosing an activity or sports.

Timing – Timing is everything, new opportunities typically arise because of a change in a child’s age and developmental stage. Be sure to think through what is a good “fit” for your child, and be sure to take into consideration their interests and inclinations!

Don’t Push- If it isn’t working try something else. If your child doesn’t want to play a sport or activity anymore you should discuss why and then decide if it makes sense to continue (maybe they just need some encouragement as children often do), or if its time to opt out and find a new activity!

Let Your Child Guide You- Ask your children what their interest are, and they will inform you of the kinds of activities they are interested in. Be open to their input.


Tiana Brown is the Assistant Director of the Norwalk Housing Authority Learning Centers


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