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Building 3D Sandwiches & Color Collages

Two years ago, I created a YouTube video highlighting the playlist feature on the Mizzen app. The playlist “Art Projects for K-5th Grade at Home or in Small Groups” included the “Building 3D Sandwiches” & “Color Collage” Activities. My 3D Sandwich is one of my most prized decorations in my office, as you can see here.

I figured since I had adapted the Color Collage Activity for a virtual setting, I’d revisit the activity and complete it in real life.


The activity takes about 45 minutes and is geared toward grades K-2. I’ve gathered my materials: scissors, some old magazines, a large piece of paper to put my collage on, and a glue stick. 

I’ve decided to do a purple collage because it’s my favorite color, so we’re going to skip the first few activity steps, but you can find all the steps, the materials needed, learning objectives, and how to prepare at or by downloading the app in your App Store. I’ve already explored my magazines and marked the pages with stickies of the photos I like, so I’ll begin clipping and then get to making my collage…and voila! Here it is!

The final step is to wrap up with some questions. 

  • Was it easy or hard to find pictures? Kind of hard, there are definitely some colors that would have been easier.
    • Why? I think because some colors are more popular and occur more often naturally. 
  • Did I find anything surprising in my color? Purple Corn (center of page) and Brownies (top left corner)!  
  • What are my favorite pictures and why? The two sunset photos in the top and bottom right hand corner, and the Lavender fields on the left side. I love the way the light is playing with the color. 

It’d be cool to merge this with the presentation step and have the students prepare answers to the questions and present them to the group along with their collage. Mizzen also provides some variations including asking children to choose more than one color or working in groups. 

This activity was really fun to do and will make a great addition to my Mizzen Decor wall. I hope you have a chance to check it out and complete it with your students. If you do, be sure to take photos and share them via email with me, or on social media, tag @mizzeneducation and @ctafterschoolnertwork. 

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